Clovers & Green Manures

Clovers & Green Manures

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Sow our range of nitrogen-fixing clover and green manures to quickly cover areas of bare soil, suppress weeds and prevent soil compaction and erosion. When dug into the soil while in leaf, green manure crops add nutrients to the ground and improve soil structure.

    9 products

    Clovers and green manure seeds

    Some green manures, such as clover or Italian ryegrass, can be sown in late summer or early autumn and left to grow over the winter before being dug into the soil in the early spring.

    If you have a new garden or a barren plot that you don't intend to cultivate or plant for at least a year, then one of the longer-term green manure crops, such as alfalfa, will be suitable. If you need to use the area earlier than expected, green manures can be dug in at any time; just leave a few weeks for them to rot down before planting.

    Clover seed

    Clover fixes nitrogen from the air into the soil.  It can help suppress weed growth, prevent soil erosion, and its deep roots penetrate the soil improving soil structure.  

    Green manure seeds

    A green manure is a crop that is grown to improve the health of the soil and those plants that will be grown in the plot after the green manure has been dug in. 

    Please note dispatch on seeds is about 1 to 2 working days at present.

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