Clover Seed Mixture For Reclamation Of Wasteland 20kg

SKU: AM18-20

Clover Seed Mixture For Reclamation Of Wasteland 20kg

SKU: AM18-20
✔Specialist legume mix for wasteland reclamation
✔Sow from spring to early autumn
✔100% wildflower seed
Sowing rate: 1.5-7.5g p/m² / 6-30kg/acre
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This is our clover seed mix for the reclamation of wasteland.

For sites where poor soil structure inhibits the successful establishment of grass, or where soil is particularly nutrient-deficient, sow this clover wasteland reclamation mix for quick ground cover, to add nutrients to the soil and to enhance the soil structure.

Clover is a nitrogen fixer, taking in nitrogen from the air through its leaves and fixing it in the soil via nodules on its roots.

It grows rapidly and its deep root system can remedy poor soil structure caused by soil compaction.

Sow at 1.5 - 7.5 grams per square metre, or 6 - 30 kg per acre.

Species %
Red Clover 7.5
Birdsfoot trefoil 2.5
Alsike clover 7.5
White clover 82.5
TOTAL 100.0
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