Copper-Plated Bulb Dibber

SKU: MAS-AB99-Dibber

Copper-Plated Bulb Dibber

SKU: MAS-AB99-Dibber
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The ideal gift for any gardener, not only is our traditional wood and copper-plated dibber an attractive and durable garden tool, it's rust-free, low maintenance, and it's even good for your soil.

Since ancient times, people have understood copper's value and special properties, and modern studies suggest that it does indeed bring benefits to your soil.  Using copper enriches the soil when tiny traces of copper rub off during gardening to benefit your plants as essential trace elements.  Studies also suggest that copper helps to repel slugs and snails.

This sturdy dibber is ideal for planting seeds and bulbs and for removing weeds with long tap roots.  A strong handle makes it easy-to-use and a handy depth measure is marked in both centimetres and inches so you can accurately gauge the depth of your bulbs.

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