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The British Wildflower Seed Experts

A close up photo of a horse grazing on grass One light brown and one dark brown horse chewing grass in a paddock
Traditional & Natural Horsemanship

Horse Paddock Grass Seed

Red poppies growing in the sunshine Poppies growing in the sun with other wildflowers seen growing in the background
Native Provenance

British Wildflowers

Our British wildflower seed & plants originate from plants grown wild & are propagated on British soil
Variety of wildflowers growing in a partially shaded meadow A meadow of many different wildflowers growing in partial shade
British Native Plants

Wildflower Bulbs

Welcome to Meadowmania

With over 30 years’ experience of producing and supplying the highest quality seeds and plants, we’re passionate about British native wildflowers and seed. Whether you're looking to create a vibrant wildflower meadow, maintain a natural horse paddock or naturalise bulbs in a woodland garden, we have the perfect solution for your needs.

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Yellow Rattle Seed

2024 Harvest

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Tips & Advice

Establishing Wildflowers

A guide to preparing for, growing and maintaining wildflowers.


The Benefits of Yellow Rattle

'The Meadow Maker' weakens grasses, allowing wildflowers to thrive.


Choosing the Best Grass Seed for your Horse Paddock

What to consider when choosing optimal nutrition and grazing conditions for your paddock.


100% Pure British Seed

We are proud of the provenance of our British seed, originating from plants grown wild here in the UK and propagated on British soil. Our mixtures are blended in-house containing 100% pure seed and no filler.

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