Wood Anemone Bulbs | Anemone nemorosa

SKU: MAS-SB6-100-bulbs

Wood Anemone Bulbs | Anemone nemorosa

SKU: MAS-SB6-100-bulbs
  • Early flowering plant
  • Perennial woodland wildflower
  • Ideal for naturalising
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Wood Anemone Anemone nemorosa

Common names include, windflower, European thimbleweed and haymaid.

This is an early flowering perennial which grows from underground rhizomes covering the ground in large patches. The pretty white flowers of wood anemones resemble buttercups and can be found in deciduous woodlands and damp meadows in spring and early summer.  Perfect for planting in rock gardens, garden borders and containers, garden edges and under shrubs.

The wood anemone is a host plant of the larvae of butterflies such as the painted lady.

Our wildflower and meadow bulbs are grown in the UK from British plants.

Colour White
Height 15cm
Latin name Anemone nemerosa
Season March-April
Setting Shade
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