Horse Management Advice Online

Horses in Field We've been supplying our Horse Paddock Mixes now for over 18 years. We have supplied thousands of customers across the UK with our traditional and our natural range of horse paddock mixes. During this time, we have spoken to hundreds of horse owners and try to give them good impartial advice about horse management. We have advised on how to develop their fields and to improve the grazing for their horses. In this time, we've come across many different organisations and consultants. Many who give excellent advice to the horse market on Horse management . We thought we would take the opportunity just to highlight two of these who give interesting and constructive advice.


Firstly; Jane Myers who is behind the website and the EquiCulture land management system. Follow the link below for more details. One of the ideas behind it is that horses are now being used in a very different ways to how they were in the past. But land management systems are often still done in a way they were done many years ago. Many of you probably will be familiar already with Jane’s work but for those who aren't it's worth reading and following up on the very good advice on their website.

Intelligent Horsemanship

Secondly there is Kelly Marks and the Intelligent horsemanship website. Again, follow the link below for more details. If you're not familiar with Kelly's work already then this is an excellent resource for those seeking advice on how best to manage and work with their horse. As ever we are very happy to give advice on how to start or improve your Horse paddock pasture. This is so fundamental to the health and wellbeing of your horse. There is now a tremendous range of advice for horse owners that can be tapped into online. Hopefully these two links are of interest and help to some of you. Horse paddock Horse paddock