Clover Seed Blend


Clover Seed Blend

✔Mix of red, white and crimson clovers
✔Green manure / nitrogen fixing
✔Drought resistant
✔Great for pollinators
✔100% wildflower seed
Sowing rate: 1.5g p/m²
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Mix of white, red, crimson and wild white clover

Our mix of 4 bee-friendly clovers.  This robust and resilient perennial wildflower is drought-resistant and can be added to your existing grass to create an attractive wildlife-friendly clover lawn. Due to clover's nitrogen-fixing qualities, it will actually fertilise the existing grass and improve the soil condition.  The clover seed blend is very effective when used as a green manure to improve the soil fertility and structure.

Clover is a low-maintenance wildflower and can be mowed very infrequently letting the plants flower to help our clover-loving bees.  If you don't want flowers, simply mow the clover before the plants bloom.  Clover grows in dense clumps and is great at outcompeting weeds.

Sow at 1.5 grams per square metre.


April through to September.

Growing time

3-18 months.

Soil Type:

Good Loam or Sandy Soil.



How to establish

Prepare by digging soil over and removing weeds.

Tread the soil, and sow the seeds by broadcasting.

Rake the soil and then water well.

If there are dry periods you may need to water until the green manure is established.


Before flowering the green manure should be cut down when the stems are soft as they decompose quicker. They should be dug into the soil by turning over into the top 15 cm. Worms will pull down the organic matter.

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