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Colour Impact Mixtures

Colour Impact Wildflower Mixtures

Create a beautiful wildflower meadow bursting with colour with our new range of colour impact wildflower mixtures.

Our most impactful collection of wildflower mixes, this range of 100% wildflower seed mixtures features native and non-native wildflower species to give the boldest colour and most beautiful blooms for the longest-lasting colour and interest throughout the summer.  The wide range of species is highly beneficial to bees and other pollinating insects.

The Instant Sunshine Meadow mix and Instant Sunshine 100% Wildflower Seed Mix is a best seller. It produces dramatic colour in the first year and its improved range of perennial species extends the flowering life of your meadow through to the first frosts.

Colour Impact 100% wildflower seed mixes should be sown at 2 - 3 grams to the square metre, and Colour Impact meadow mixes should be sown at 4 grams to the square metre.