Build Your Own Pollinator & Insect Hotel

Create a haven for our native pollinating insects with this Do-It-Yourself Insect Hotel.  Complete with everything you need to build a welcoming refuge for UK pollinating species such as the solitary bee, this DIY kit will transform your garden into a thriving wildlife haven.

Sow some Bees and Butterflies 100% Wildflower Seed Mix near your constructed insect hotel to provide the insects with nectar and pollen to really make them feel at home.



Includes everything you need: Our DIY Insect Hotel kit comes complete with everything you need to construct the hotel: nails, a hammer, various types of wood, acorns, and more. Crafting your insect hotel is easy and offers a fun and engaging activity for the whole family. 

Nurturing Biodiversity: By hanging an insect hotel, you're not just creating a decorative garden feature, you're actively supporting biodiversity. Bees and other pollinating insects play a crucial role in our ecosystem and in the production of our fruit, vegetables and seeds. Your DIY insect hotel will provide a safe haven for these invaluable creatures, contributing to the health and resilience of your local ecosystem.

British Wildflowers: Enhance your garden's beauty and ecological impact with our specially curated Native Wildflower Seed Mixtures. Native plants are not only beautiful, but also attract a diverse array of pollinators. By cultivating a native wildflower patch alongside your insect hotel, you will create a dynamic, self-sustaining ecosystem that encourages those plant-pollinator relationships crucial for the overall well-being of your garden.

Do good, feel good!: Attracting pollinators to your garden by offering them a safe and thriving habitat of native wildflowers and a nesting place will help improve local biodiversity. Many studies have found that feeling closer to nature and the living world has a beneficial impact on our mental well-being.