Corn Poppy Papaver Rhoeas

Corn Poppy (Papaver Rhoeas) is one of the most distinctive and attractive wild flowers we sell.

With the dramatic Red Flowers it brings a splash of colour to any meadow or field.

The pictures above are three examples of customers who sowed different mixtures in autumn 2021. The common theme with all the mixtures was the inclusion of Poppies. The photos are from early summer 2022

Field Poppy will flower in the first year giving a colourful show. Then the perennial part  of the Meadow comes to the fore in the years afterwards.

Poppies often benefit from being sown in the autumn as a cold period can break the dormancy of the seed.

It is an attractive and striking species that is a source of great pleasure to most customers.

The picture at the top also have some cornflowers in it. This is another annual which complements Poppy well. The customer planted our WILD3 mixture in Wiltshire.

The bottom row of pictures show Poppy along with Corn Marigold and Cornflower.

In this case on a large area the customer sowed some of MEAD8 for sandy soils and our cornfield annual mixture CWF1. The extra annuals give some colour in the first year. The meadow was sown in Suffolk.

The middle pictures show just Poppy on their own. These were sown near London. The customer Bought our MEAD5 mixture  for clay soils that contains poppy. They also bought some extra poppy seed to get more impact.

Having annuals in a mixture is generally beneficial as perennials take a few years to get going.

An image that's hard to beat is Corn Poppy ( Papaver Rhoeas)  in flower.