Harlech Community Wildflower Garden

We supply lot of groups such as the Harlech Community Wildflower Garden.

This summer we got these phots and comments for one of the leaders of the group. It is reassuring to see so many groups being set up and successfully run across the UK.

Earlier this year I purchased 180 wildflower plugs to start a community wildflower garden in the Welsh coastal resort of Harlech.
By following your planting instructions and placing a selection  of different varieties in every square meter of our sandy, dry ground they have survived the past week of blistering heat and flowered. 
To celebrate I thought you would appreciate photos of:

  • The wildflower garden 
  • Individual plugs that have flowered together
  • A press article reporting the opening of our community wildflower garden 

With thanks for the excellent quality of your plugs and your exceptional customer service

You can buy our range of wildflower plugs at the following link.