Instant Sunshine Meadow Mix

The instant sunshine meadow mix has been our most popular seller for number of years.

It is packed full of native and non-native annuals . These will give a very colourful show over the first summer. The annuals tend to die back after the first year.

From the second year you should start to see the mix of native and non-native perennials come to the fore.

There are lots of pictures from customers of this mix that we have put on our website over the years.

Customers Meadows

But below is video that have been sent to us of our Instant Sunshine Meadow Mix.

You treat this mix the same way as you would do any other Meadow mix.
Instant Sunshine Mini Meadow summer 2020

Preparation for Instant Sunshine Meadow Mix

You should clear the ground and then sow at 4 to 5 grams to the square metre. Plant in either autumn or spring. Planting in spring will give you a wider range of annuals over the first summer. Simply broadcast the seed and then roll or walk all over it afterwards. We generally advise against watering.

The Instant Sunshine Meadow Mix is designed to give a very colourful show, particularly  in the first year. By adding some of the non-native annuals such as cosmos it can extend the flowering season right through to the end of October.

You can sow this mix on small area in garden such as 10 square metres. We also have had customers who have planted in on over one acre.

Over the years this meadow mix has given huge pleasure to hundreds of our customers. This is why we often recommend the mix to new customers.