Creating a successful wildflower meadow

The following pictures are taken from a Meadow planted in 2020. The customer prepared the ground fully in the spring of 2020 and planted the mix in the late spring.

By July they had a colourful Meadow established and were benefiting from all the annuals in this mix.

When creating a successful wildflower meadow the preparation is key.

This is a good example of creating a good clean seedbed before planting to give the Meadow the best chance of success. The customer in Lincolnshire was rewarded the same summer for their hard work in the spring.

Instant Sunshine Meadow.

Preparing the seed bed March 2020
Creating a clean level seed bed for sowing
Poppies & Cornflowers in July 2020
The meadow established by summer
The Annuals are great for flower arranging