Hardy Annual seed mix. A Splash of Colour

Hardy Annual a Splash of Colour

Cosmos flower in the garden. Most Gardens, Parks, Verges and even Roundabouts look better with a splash of colour over the summer.  Wildflower annual mixes, both native and non native species, such as our Hardy Annual mix will provide this. Mixing native Species such as Cornflower and Poppy with Non Native ones such as Cosmos & Pot Marigold. Can result in very colourful shows. They are relatively easy and quick to grow.

How to grow Hardy Annual type mixes

  • Clear the ground and create a good seed bed.
  • Then broadcast the seed on the surface at 3 g to the square metre.
  • Roll or walk all over it to push the seed into the ground.
  • Sow in the spring, weather permitting. mid March to mid May.
  • From sowing to flowering takes about 10 weeks
Californian Poppy The non- native species such as in our Hardy Annual mix give you a much wider range of colour and flowering season.  These mixes can stay in flower right throughout the summer into early autumn.  You may need to reseed each year. But they are a quick, cost effective way of bringing a splash of colour into most areas.  They will cope with most soil types but do benefit from being in the sun and a reasonable amount of fertility.

We have a range of mixtures including.

These mixes are beneficial to Bees and Butterflies, they have a long flowering season and are relatively easy to grow. To find out more information click on the links above or contact us.  Either by email shop@meadowmania.co.uk  or Freephone O800 0854399.