BBC Gardeners World promotion of wildflower meadows

The recent BBC Gardeners world promotion of wildflower meadows. Monty Don recommended the idea and benefits of growing wildflower Meadows. Clearly we think this is an excellent idea as we've been supplying Native Wildflower meadows in the UK for over 25 years. Poppies in Meadow Poppies in Meadow The BBC Gardeners World promotion of wildflower meadows. This promoted the  idea that you plant perennial wildflower meadows matching the soil type that you've got. This simple idea is contrary to a lot of gardening. That is where you change the garden so you can grow the flowers that you like. With wild flowers you plant what will grow in your garden. We have a wide range wildflower meadow mixes. These will match different soil types and conditions.

Our Mixture Ranges

You can either buy and plant them as a mixture of grass and wildflower seed which you sow at 4 g to the square metre Or our 100% wildflower seed mixtures which you sow at 1.5 g. If you have smaller areas you could consider straightforward simple wildflower border mix.

Meadow Development

The BBC Gardeners world promotion of wildflower meadows will benefit wildlife such as Bees and Butterflies. One of the challenges with meadows is that they take a while to get going. We often recommend to customers that they sow some annuals along with the perennial wildflowers. This way you get some colour in the first year. Once established a perennial meadow can be relatively subtle. In that you get a range of flowers over the summer in amongst grass. The big advantage of wildflower meadows is that once established they grow back each year. Bee on Cornflower Bee on Cornflower But if you sow some annuals with it the annual part can in some cases have a huge success in the first year. The range of pictures on this page are some that one of our customers David Anslow of planted for one of his customers near Stroud. They planted our MEAD3 grass and wildflower seed mixture at 4 g to the square metre and our standard Cornfield annual mixture CWF1 at 1 g. Following a lot hard work by David, it was planted in 2018, you can see from the photos if looks like every annual seems to have flowered. The meadow will not look like this in following years but by planting some annuals with a perennial mix may mean that you start the meadow with a very colourful show. If you'd like more information there is a wide range of advice and customers Meadows on our website. Or us at or Freephone 0800 0854399. Cornfield Annuals in Flower Cornfield Annuals in Flower