How Big are Wildflower Plug Plants

Customers often ask us how big are our wildflower plug plants. Below we set out how they are produced and  provide some photos to show the size. The most common way to buy wildflower plants is as plug plants. You can also buy them in 9cm pots. These cost more but the plant is more developed. There are some micro plugs on the market but we would suggest with wildflowers these are to be avoided.
  • The original stock of seed has been sourced from the Wild in the UK.
  • The seed is then multiplied up commercially and some of it is used to produce our plug plants.
  • The plug plants can take between three to 18 months to produce a satisfactory plug.
  • The Plugs are grown semi outdoors. This is so they will be frost Hardy  and can be planted out at anytime over the winter.
  • How big are wildflower plug plants. The size of our plugs is 40 cc and there is a maximum of 150 per tray. You can see photos of our plug plants below.
  • Different species will have different size leaves on depending on the time of year and the species.
  • They will all have a very strong well developed root systems.
  • Once planted, as the weather warms up, they will continue to grow and develop.
  • If you have any questions or any concerns about the plugs we supply please feel free to contact us. or 0800 0854399 Primrose Plugs Feb Primrose Plugs Feb
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