How to Create a Wildflower Meadow

5 Simple steps to create a Wildflower Meadow

The following steps are a simple guide to create a wildflower meadow. Create A Meadow Create A Meadow 1) Clear the ground first; Wild flowers do not like competition early on and are slow to grow. They are best sown into a good, fine, clean, level seed bed. 2) Sow at the right time; Meadows can be sown in the spring, mid March to mid May, or in the autumn mid August to mid October. But for seeds to grow the ground needs to be warm and there needs to have been rain. Without at least these two things seeds will not grow. 3) Sow at the right seed rate; If you're sowing a Meadow (grass and wildflower seeds) mixture sow at 4 grams to the square metre. If you are sowing just perennial wild flower seed sow at 1.5 grams to the sq metre. Sowing at a higher seed rate does not necessarily mean you get a better result it might mean the opposite.     4) Patience after planting; Wild flowers are slow to grow and are sown at low seed rates. They will take some time to establish and will look thin and patchy to begin with. In time they will fill out and create a meadow. 5) Annual weeds; Watch out for any weeds that grow quickly and look like they dominate the ground early on. If you have this happen it may be something that is in the soil and not in the mixture and may need removing.   Cornflower and butterfly Cornflower and butterfly If you follow these simple rules, then you stand a good chance of creating a beautiful wildflower Meadow. Meadows come back year after year and will reduce the amount of work needed. They often turn a poor part of the garden into an attractive plot. They also will benefit the wildlife such as Butterflies and Bees. If you would like to find out more details about our range of Meadow mixtures or see our wide range of advice about planting wildflowers follow the link below.