Wildflowers & Weddings

The idea of Wildflowers & Weddings is an increasingly popular one. For some this means giving seed packets of wildflowers as favours to guests. But for increasing numbers Wildflowers & Weddings means a wildflower meadow as a backdrop to the wedding itself. We supply many wedding venues across the UK.  Mainly they sow annual mixes each year as they give the longest most colourful impact over the summer months. The most popular mixes are our Urban Pollinator seed mixes. These offer a wide range of colours , they are best sown each spring at about 3 grams to the square. The mixes offer you a choice of a wide range of colours and flower types. If you are interested in wild flowers for a wedding venue or just for your wedding  then we are happy to try and help. It pays to plan ahead as they are not a quick option . But planted at the right time they can make for a very colourful impact on the wedding day. We do not supply wildflower wedding favours but many customers have bought some of our perennial WWILD1 mix and our Cornfield Annuals CWF1 mix and mixed them together. 2 grams of the combined mix is enough to cover 1 sq metre and seems to work as the right amount for each guest As an example of a wedding venue We have been working with a large specialist wedding venue in north Devon at https://www.ashbarton.com/ We created a special annual seed mix of the to make the maximum impact over the summer. As follows are just some of the pictures from the first year. [gallery ids="1776,1778,1780"] [gallery ids="1781,1779,1775"]