Mini Meadows

Even in a difficult year sometimes meadows can still work. This is a nice story we had from one customer this summer. Following my correspondence with you last August. I thought that I would let you know how we got on using your advice. We cleared the patch finally last October and left it covered over the winter. With black plastic to prevent more weeds growing. Then we removed that in early May. We spent the next five days digging it over, pulling out more weeds and roots. We got it as level as possible (we were only there for a week so had to get it done). Finally we sowed your instant sunshine mini meadow mix and crossed our fingers. It has barely rained since, my mum is 83 and unable to water. We did not know what to expect. She reported “seeing green” after about 10 days. Blue flowers were reported in mid June, still no rain. We visited last week, ( end of July)  this is what we saw: Dad’s veggie patch has been transformed. It is now full of lovely wild flowers, butterflies and bees, he would have approved. Mum loves it. Many thanks for your help and advice Mini Meadow Mini Meadow Mini Meadow 2 Mini Meadow 2