Throw & Grow Wildflower Seed

What are Throw and Grow mixes

Throw & Grow  mixtures are mainly annual seeds which make a colourful flower show from early summer to early autumn; depending on sowing time and mixture choice. Cosmos Seed Cosmos Seed Mixtures generally contain species with overlapping flowering times, so the display changes over time. They benefit bees, butterflies and other insects. They are relatively easy to grow and quick to establish. In the spring it can take from 8 to 10 weeks from sowing to flowering. They are very colourful in range with different colour options. Whilst sometimes called wildflower mixtures they are largely made up of non-native species in origin.


Where to sow Throw & Grow mixes

Whilst they can do well on many sites they generally prefer more fertile conditions. They will not stand too much shade. The grand should not be too wet or boggy.  

How to plant Throw & Grow mixes.

Californian Poppy The best seed rate is about 3 grams per sq metre. With such a low seed rate the seed Is best mixed with some sand to bulk what is being sown. Ideally the ground should be cleared of competition. The seed should then be broadcast and finally rolled afterwards. It is important that the seed is not buried too deep. Planting time is best done in the spring ideally between Mid March and the end of April.


How to maintain Throw & Grow seed mixtures.

The main part of these mixes are annuals. Which means they will last just one year. It may be possible to get them to reseed but the ground will need re-cultivating. Marigold Marigold Once sown you need to stand back and wait. Then enjoy the species in flower over the summer. Once the flowering season has finished you need to cut down and remove  what you have cut. If you wish them to reseed then cut the plants down and leave on the ground for a  few days to try and encourage any seed to shed. Remove what you have cut then rake the ground and finally roll it afterwards.         We have a range of Throw and Grow annual mixes. Follow the link below for more details.

Throw and Grow annual mixes

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