Spring In the Green Bulbs

An excellent way to extend the flowering season in a meadow is to introduce In the Green Bulbs. This can work in particularly well where you have semi shade or shady areas. Here you could introduce species by planting in the Green Bulbs of Snowdrops, Winter Aconites and English Bluebells. These extend the season from January through to May then the meadow flowers should start to come to the fore from then. You can plant these bulbs out from January through to May. The does depend on the species. The bulbs arrive with a shoot already growing on the plant and they may well flower in the first season. To plant you simply make a a small hole and place the bulb firmly in it. Snowdrops and Winter aconites are the first to flower. Then species such as Daffodil and Bluebells flower later in the spring. The picture below is a good example of some snowdrops we supplied to Kelly Marks of Intelligent Horsemanship. They were planted last spring and now each year come into flower early in the year. Snowdrops 2018 Snowdrops 2018 We will have stocks available each spring of all the in the green Bulbs species.