Where and How to grow Field Poppy Seeds Papaver Rhoeas

Poppy Seeds

Growing Poppy seeds in your garden.

Field Poppy is also sometimes called Common Poppy, Flanders Poppy, Corn Poppy or just Red Poppy all are Papaver Rhoeas. It is one of the most colourful and easily recognised wild flowers there is. They are a standard ingredient of cornfield annual areas and are often sown in wild flower meadows to give some colour in the first year.

Field poppy is an annual and if you want it to come back in following years you would need to disturb or cultivate the ground each autumn. Poppy seeds have been used as flavouring to  cover cakes and bread. In the past the oil from poppy seeds was used an an olive oil substitute.


Flowering Time

Poppies can flower from June through to August. They will grow to a height from 20 to 60 cm

Where to plant poppy seeds.

They will grow in most conditions but prefer more fertile soil they will not flourish in shade

How to plant Poppy seeds.

They grow well from seed . Ideally they need  a period of cold to start germination. Will do better then if planted in the autumn. Broadcast the seed lightly on the area. Roll or consolidate so that the seed is pushed into the ground rather than buried.

Poppy seed can have 8 to 10,000 seed per gram


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