Where & How to Grow Field Scabious Knautia Arvensis

We will tell you where and how to grow Field Scabious. Field Scabious can have up to 50 purple flowers which make up the pin cushion flower heads. It is a big attractive plant which will look at it's best in a sunny meadow garden with grasses as a backdrop. It is a plant that is particularly attractive to Butterflies and Bees. Field Scabious has a very long flowering period and is a valuable nectar source for bees and butterflies. Each plant can produce up to 50 flowers. The blooms are the largest of our scabious species. It’s found throughout the UK mainly growing on chalky and neutral grassland. It is also found in hedgerows and along roadsides. Field Scabious has a rough and hairy stem similar in texture to scabby skin.

Where and how to grow Field Scabious

 The image is © stock.adobe.com Site:  It prefers sunny conditions Soil type: It prefers well drained and fertile soils Flowering season:  July to September Height:  25 cm to 1 metre It is a perennial you can grow it from seed but it can sometimes be difficult to germinate. Sow the seed into sees trays in spring or autumn and lightly cover in with soil. Plant out into meadow grass during the following spring or autumn. The other option is to plant it as plugs. These you can plant in the autumn or the spring and give you a better chance of success. Clear the space of small dinner plate round each plug. It has pretty mauve/blue flower head which attracts a mass of wildlife when in flower. Field Scabious Plug Plants