How and Where to grow Red Campion Silene Dioica

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We will tell you how and where to grow Red Campion. 

Red Campion’s come into flower at the end of the bluebell season.  They go on flowering through June and into July.  It is a beautiful picture of flowers, native bluebells in a wood with a line of pinky Red Campion’s flowering along the Woodland edge.

It is a medium to tall perennial or biennial plant. The Leaves are hairy, and grow in opposite pairs.

The flowers have five petals that are fused at their base to form a tube. Red campion is dioecious, meaning the male and female flowers grow on separate plants.

Red Campion’s are perennials and once established will come back year after year. They will do well if grown in a meadow as well as in semi shade. The colour of the flowers can vary considerably through from all shades of pink to nearly white. There is also an alternative species called White Campion.

How and where to grow Red Campion


It  can grow to a height of between 30 centimetres to a metre which 1 to 3 feet.

Flowering period

Once established will flower from April through to July.


It will grow easily from seed and can be sown in either the spring or early autumn. You should plant the seeds were you want them to grow. You can also introduce them as plug plants into an existing meadow.

Where to plant

Red Campion prefer well drained fertile soil but will grow in semi shade as well. They will not grow so well in very heavy clay soils.

Red Campion Seed

Red Campion Plug Plants