Where & How to grow White Campion Silene Alba

We will tell you where and how to grow White Campion

White Campion (Silene Alba) has delicate white flowers. The flowers give off a fragrant scent in the evening

It is related to Red Campion and they are sometimes grown together. Where they are grown together they may crossbreed and produce flowers with varying shades of pink.

To create a good effect it may be grown in a large block maybe as a background for smaller more colourful flowers. It will also look stunning when grown amongst other flowers and grasses in a wildflower meadow mix.

It displays white flowers with five petals. Each petal is deeply notched and almost divided into two.

It has oval leaves and the stems are hairy.

It flowers throughout the summer. But at night the blooms can produce a heady scent which will attract feeding moths.

White campion is often a perennial plant, which means it can live for a number of years, growing again each spring; but it can also be a short-lived annual or biennial.

Where and how to grow White Campion

Site;                           Likes some Sun

Soil;                            Prefers fertile conditions

Flowering season;  May to August

Height                        30 cm to 1 m

 The image is © stock.adobe.com White campion, Silene Alba

It is a short lived perennial which is easy to grow. Sow the seeds in early Autumn in the Spring. Sow them where you want them to flower and cover lightly with soil. It self seeds easily.

You can plant plugs in the autumn or spring. When planting clear the space the size of a small dinner plate round each plant. Water for first few days.




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