Where & How to grow Wild Primrose ( Primula Vulgaris)

We will tell you where and how to grow Wild Primrose

The image is © stock.adobe.com Wild Primrose (Primula vulgaris) grow in spring. Medicinal plant

Wild Primrose has suffered due to its popularity. It was dug up in the wild and this with a lot of its natural habitats disappearing put it under threat.  Woodlands have been cleared, ditches filled in and hedges pulled down.

This very pretty woodland flower is fighting back and being planted in increasing numbers.

It is a hardy plant and can flower from as early as December in mild years. Carrying on all the way through the spring until May.

It prefers woodland clearings, hedgerows and grassland habitats. 

Primroses are low-growing plants with rough, tongue-like leaves. These grow in a rosette. Their flowers are large and creamy and have deep yellow centres. They often appear clustered together.

Whilst Primula Vulgaris is traditionally pale yellow you can see sometimes white, pink and mauve coloured ones.

Not to be confused with: oxlip (Primula elatior) and cowslip (Primula veris) which are both similar species

Where and how to grow Wild Primrose

Primroses look their best in a woodland setting. They do quite well in heavy shade

Flowering Season             March to June (but can flower from  December onward)

Height                                 8 to 20 cm

Whilst you can grow Wild Primrose from seed relatively easily. Getting hold of any seed is difficult. If you have some seed plant it onto seed trays cover the tray with glass and leave it in a  shady spot over winter. The seed will germinate in spring.

The easiest route is to plant Wild Primrose plugs