How and where to grow Yellow Flag Iris, Iris Pseudacorus

We will tell you how and where to grow Yellow Flag Iris

The image is © Blooming yellow flower of iris (pseudacorus) or yellow flag near the river

Yellow Flag Iris (Iris Pseudacorus)

This is striking attractive tall plant found in wet woods and by the edges of Ponds, Streams and ditches.

It has large, bright flowers and long leaves. It is a perfect plant to put by the waters edge in a garden. It will, once established, survive in water up to 15 cm in depth. The large flowers are attractive to honey bees and hoverflies. The nectar has a strong attractive scent.


It can spread naturally once established by underground rhizomes.

How and where to grow Yellow Flag Iris

  • Anyone with a pond or water in their garden should think about introducing Yellow Flag Iris.
  • They are best grown from plugs.  
  • Whilst they will grow in semi shade they perform best in full sun to get the maximum bloom
  • It will grow to height of about 1.5 to 5 feet.
  • Whilst it can be grow from seed the best results come from planting plug plants between October and April.
  • If you have some already growing then the existing rhizome can be taken in Spring or Autumn and planted out in wet ground

Yellow Flag Iris Plugs