Established Wildflower Meadow

Customers often ask us what will my meadow look like in a few years time. This is always a difficult one to answer  as the meadow seeds come in complex mixes. Factors such as climate, soil type, seasons can all impact on what an established wildflower meadow ends up looking like. Even the management and cutting times will effect what grows well there. The following pictures  are a series of ones sent to us at the end of 2016. This  customer in Lancashire started buying seed  from us in 2012 . They regularly add more annuals and yellow rattle. As you can see you get a variety of species and results even within a relatively small meadow area. You can see daisies, wild foxglove , some campion  and other species of wildflowers.   [gallery ids="1444,1445,1443"] [gallery ids="1446,1447,1448"] We have now had some more photos of this established wildflower meadow from summer 2017. They give a good example of how a developed wild flower meadow can look overtime. Each year the customer tries to re-introduce some annuals and yellow rattle into the existing meadow. [gallery ids="1674,1676,1677"]