Successful Wild Flower Meadow 2016

Meadow in first year

Sometimes a meadow in its first year will just work. This customer sowed in spring 2016 a mixture of CWF1 cornfield annuals and WWILD1 perennial wild flower. Most of the annuals seem to flower as you can see in the pictures below. The customer said We are renovating a cottage and I wanted to reduce the amount of lawn we needed to mow and at the same time provide cut flowers and keep the bees happy. I had very little time to prepare the ground and no time to allow it to fallow so bought a no grass variety. I just went over the area with a rotovator and scattered the seeds. I also planted them more densely than originally anticipated as we changed the layout of the garden and the area was smaller than originally planned. I had expected the original grass to compete with the flowers but there was hardly any and I was fine with that!  I bought a mixture of annuals and perennials so I will be looking forward to seeing what comes up next year.   [gallery ids="1426,1425,1424"]