Would You like Sunshine in your Garden this year?

If you think your garden maybe missing a little colour this year, then maybe our Annual Instant Sunshine mix is the answer. Low cost, quick to Flower, long flowering season.


Wildflower annual seeds are a great way to introduce a mass of colour into your garden in a very short time. If you planted over the Easter weekend, if conditions allow, then as little as 3 months later you could have a colourful show that should last from July through to September. [gallery ids="1219,697,1331"]


We have a mix with over 20 annuals. British native species such as Cornflower, Poppy and Corn Marigold. Along with some of the most attractive annuals from elsewhere including Cosmos, Californian Poppy and Virginia stocks etc. The mixes have been designed to give you the maximum impact this summer and a long flowering season

Plant Wild Flower Instant Sunshine Mini Meadow Grass & Wildflower seed mix


Or Instant Sunshine Annual/Perennial Urban Pollinator Seed Mix 100% wildflower seed mix

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