Instant Sunshine Urban Pollinator Wildflower Seed Mix

What are Urban Pollinator Wildflower Seed Mixes?

Many of you will have seen that Councils are increasingly planting wildflower seed mixes. The mixes they are sowing are commonly called Urban Pollinator Wildflower Seed mixes. These are mixes that include a wide range of annual and perennial wild flower species. The annual part of the seed mix will have a wide range of  native and non native species in it. This way you should get a very long and colourful flowering season in the first year. It will be both attractive to see and beneficial to pollinating insects. These are often mixed with perennials so that from the second year, when the annuals have finished, you can enjoy a perennial mix of flowers in following years.  You need perennial flowers which are attractive and beneficial to pollinating insects such as Lesser Knapweed, Self Heal, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Wild Carrot etc [gallery ids="863,989,784"] We have our own urban pollinator wildflower seed mix which we call Instant Sunshine. It has over 20 annuals in the mix these include native species such as Cornflower and Field Poppy. It also includes non-native species such as Cosmos, Californian Poppy and Marigold. The combination of this wide range should make for a dramatic and colourful show in the summer. The annuals should also last a long flowering period. The wide range will be beneficial to insects both in terms of choice and length of season 50% of this mix is made up of perennial wildflowers. There are over 20 perennial species which are beneficial to wildlife and attractive. [gallery ids="665,1219,786"] The mix should be treated the same way as any other wildflower seed mix. Any existing competition should be removed along with trying to reduce some of the existing seed bank. Planting should ideally be done between mid March and mid April. Or in the Autumn between mid  August and mid October. The seed mix should be sown at 3 grams to square metre. In the spring from sowing to flowering should take a minimum of 10 to 12 weeks This Instant Sunshine Urban Pollinator Wildflower Seed mix gives you an opportunity to create an attractive, beneficial and interesting wildflower area. If your local council has been planting wildflower seed mixes and you want to create the same effect then this mixture is a good place to start To find out more information or to order click here Instant Sunshine Urban Pollinator Wildflower Seed Mix   Or you can contact us on 0800 O854399 or by E mail at