Special Wildflower Identification Book Offer

We have a great special offer running for 2018. You can buy the wildflower book on its own for £8.99 If you spend over £95.0 (€ 133.0) from the seed categories below then you get the book for free If you spend over £60.0 (€84.0) you can buy it for only £3.75  ( €5.25). If you spend over £40.0 €56.00) you can buy it for only £4.75   (€6.65) The offer will appear automatically in the first page of the checkout and you have to click on it to accept the offer or ignore it and continue with just the goods you have chosen. The categories that trigger the offer are Wild Flower Meadow., 100% wildflower seed mixes Wildflower borders. Cornfield Annuals seed Wildflower seed PacketsWildflower seeds Bulk A Naturalists Guide to Wild flowers of Britain & Northern Europe Entry-level photographic identification guide to the commoner wild flowers of Britain and Northern Europe, featuring 280 species that the amateur naturalist might expect to see in the field or garden. High quality photographs are accompanied by full species descriptions, giving identifying features, as well as details of size, habits, habitats and distribution. Each title is written by an acknowledged expert in the subject with photographs supplied by Paul Sterry, a biologist whose interest in natural history spans more than 50 years. We have a great special offer running. You can buy the book on its own for £8.99