Where to get Wildflower Seeds Bulk

Most of the wildflower seed in the UK is produced by a few farms. Most Wildflower Seeds sellers buy in ready made mixtures or sell mixtures which are sent direct to the customer on their behalf.       Selfheal Prunella vulgaris Selfheal Prunella vulgaris As MeadowMania we developed our wildflower seed mixes over 25 years ago and have improved and developed them overtime since then. Whilst we are not unique MeadowMania are unusual when selling wildflower seeds to retail customers. In that we buy our Wildflowers Seeds in bulk as straights then make up the mixes ourselves.   This means we have a very short supply chain. From the grower, to us, to you. It means that as MeadowMania we can be confident that the mixes we advertise are the ones that we will supply. We have been sourcing wildflower seeds in bulk for over 25 years from some of the growers.     Wildflower Seeds Bulk.   Musk Mallow Malva Moschata Musk Mallow Malva Moschata Because we carry stocks of the individual species we use in our seed mixes we realised that we could start offering them to our retail customers as well.   As well as buying individual species in seed packets you can buy a wide range of wildflower seed from 10 grams to 100 grams to a kilo. We list some of the main species on our website but if there are any that you are looking for which are not listed please let us know.   Cornflowers Cornflowers Buying wildflower seeds in bulk gives you a great opportunity to introduce a particular species that you like or is missing into an existing meadow.  It is also a way for you to buy individual species to develop a mixture of your own design.   For information on prices and availability follow the link below.

Wildflower Seeds Bulk