How to establish a new Horse pasture

As follows are notes on how to establish a horse new pasture. Notes on pasture establishment and how to establish one of our pasture mixtures. The following assumes that you are establishing a new ley.

Soil testing

It is important to soil test to determine PH and soil fertility levels. Ideally this wants to be done about 8 months before planting.


Horse paddock Horse paddock

Lime & Fertiliser

Apply lime and fertiliser according to the results obtained. Lime should be applied 6 months prior to planting. Fertiliser can be applied at planting time.


Prepare a good seedbed

Grass mixtures require a well prepared and firm seedbed. Finely worked seedbeds allow good soil to seed contact. Work should be done to remove as much competition and weeds as possible.

Choose appropriate mixture

We stock a wide range of general and specialist ley mixtures, If there is a particular mixture you would like to sow that we do not stock we would welcome the opportunity to quote you a price on it.


The seed can be drilled or broadcast. This should ideally be done in April through to May or in August through to September.  After drilling or broadcasting rolling should consolidate the ground.

Maintaining a new horse pasture

A newly seeded pasture should ideally not be grazed until the plants have reached about 8 inches. Then they should only be grazed lightly to begin with.

These notes should explain how to establish a new horse pasture

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