Overseeding lawns

This is a guide intoh ow best to deal with overseeding lawns it gives you how best to do it and how to maintain it afterwards Up to a quarter of your lawn might die each year. Sowing new lawn seed into your existing lawn may dramatically improve its appearance as well as reduce weed invasion. To do this then Overseeding lawns Overseeding lawns follow these steps.
  1. When the lawn is dry cut the grass very short.
  2. Select a suitable seed mixture.
  3. Ideally sow after a good fall of rain.
  4. Mix the seed in a bucket with some sand.
  5. Broadcast the seed over the area to be improved.
  6. Rake the area well so that the seed gets in contact with soil.
  7. Roll lightly afterwards
  8. If possible keep of area where the grass is to establish.
  9. If dry weather follows then water with a fine mist.
  10. When grass is 2-3 inches high cut for the first time. Trim lightly and steadily increase depth to appropriate height.