How to establish Wildflower borders.

How to establish Wildflower Borders  from seed These are mixes of few wildflower species. They are designed to be sown in small areas in a garden. By creating wildflower borders you can create small pockets of wild flowers. The mixes are generally of annuals and perennials. They will give you a small colourful show it can also be targeted at specific requirements. For example we sell a standard cottage garden border mix. But we also supply one with flowers that attract butterflies, one for Bees and one for Birds. You could also sow a mixture of flowers that are scented and ones that will cope with small shady areas. You sow these mixes as 100% wildflower seeds with the idea of having a small area of flowers. Butterfly on Marigold Butterfly on Marigold

How to establish Wildflower Borders

  • Clear the area first of existing grass and weeds. Sow the seed mix at 2.0 grams per square metre. You will need to bulk the seed up with something like sand so that you can spread it thinly enough.
  • After sowing the seed roll the ground or walk all over it. The aim is that the seed should be pushed into the ground rather than buried too deep.
  • Sow March/April or August/September.
Wildflower Borders