Lawn Grass Seed For Shady Areas

SKU: AM15-1

Lawn Grass Seed For Shady Areas

SKU: AM15-1
Best suited for areas under trees
Reseeding: 40g per/m², Overseeding 20g per/m².
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Say goodbye to patchy, lacklustre lawns with our grass seed mix for shady areas.

Create a lush, green lawn even in a shady space with our Lawn Grass Seed for Shady Areas.  Specially blended from shade-tolerant grass species our Shady Areas Grass Seed will turn a dull space, where sunlight is limited, into a vibrant, green lawn.

Quick to germinate and establish, this grass seed mix for shady areas will produce a healthy green and even coverage in those shaded areas where other grass seed mixes might struggle.


Setting Shade
Species %
Amenity perennial ryegrass 15.0
Strong creeping red fescue 40.0
Smooth Stalk Meadow Grass 10.0
Chewings fescue 15.0
Rough stalk meadow grass 5.0
Slender creeping red fescue 10.0
Wood meadow grass 5.0
TOTAL 100.0
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