Wildflower-Themed Socks & Seeds Gift


Wildflower-Themed Socks & Seeds Gift

✔Fun and high-quality wildflower socks
✔Cottage garden, native wildflower seed mix (coverage 6m²)
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Wildflower-Themed Socks with a Blooming Surprise!

Unleash the vibrant beauty of the British countryside right at your feet with our fun, colourful Wildflower-Themed Socks.

Whether you're seeking a small token of appreciation, a unique gift idea, or the perfect surprise for a gardener or nature lover in your life, these Wildflower-Themed Socks with British Native Wildflower Seeds are a truly special choice.

These socks are more than just a fashion statement – they come with a delightful twist! Included in each package is a 10g packet of British native wildflower seeds, specifically our Cottage Garden Mix. This mix features a splendid assortment of native species such as foxglove, cornflower, oxeye daisy, musk mallow, teasel, and many more.

Not only do these socks add a burst of colour and nature-inspired charm to your attire, but the enclosed wildflower seeds are an invitation to create your very own wildflower haven. Plant them in an area of 6m², and watch as your garden transforms into a kaleidoscope of colours, attracting British pollinators like butterflies and bees all summer long. When autumn arrives, the seed heads become a vital food source for wild birds, ensuring your garden is buzzing with life year-round.

Bring the beauty of the British countryside to your doorstep and support local wildlife with this thoughtful gift.

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