Native British Wildflower Seeds For Partial Shade

SKU: MAS-WWILD11-50-grams

Native British Wildflower Seeds For Partial Shade

SKU: MAS-WWILD11-50-grams
✔ Native species that thrive in partial shade. Ideal near hedgerows
✔ 100% native wildflower seed, NO GRASS included
✔ Biennial & perennial species
Flowers from May - September
Sowing rate: 1.5g - 3g p/m²
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Ideal for sowing alongside hedgerows, this British wildflower mixture contains 20 biennial and perennial native species which will thrive in partial shade.  Add native wildflower bulbs such as snowdrops and bluebells for the earliest colour and interest and to provide food for the earliest pollinators.

All the native wildflower seed in our mixtures is sourced from stock grown in the wild in Britain.  It is then multiplied up commercially and mixed and packed in the UK so you can be confident you are buying native British wildflower seed.

For best results sow in the spring from March through to May, or in the autumn, from late August through to October.  Best sown onto a bare seedbed, or an existing grass sward with at least 50% bare soil.

Colour Varied
Height Up to 1.5m
Season Flowers throughout the summer
Setting Poor soils, well-drained
WILD11 Hedgerow Mix
Angelica, Wild
Bedstraw Hedge
Buttercup, Meadow
Campion, Red
Campion, White
Daisy, Ox-eye
Foxglove, Wild
Garlic, Mustard
Hedge Parsley, Upright
Knapweed, Greater
Knapweed, Lesser
Mullein, Dark
Mullein, Greater
Musk Mallow
Self Heal
St Johns Wort, Common
Vetch, Common
Vetch, Tuft
Woundwort, Hedge
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