White Campion Seed | Silene latifolia 1g

SKU: MAS-SP15-1-grams
White Campion Silene Alba Seed Packet 1 Gram

White Campion Seed | Silene latifolia 1g

SKU: MAS-SP15-1-grams
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✔Great for pollinators
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1 gram is approximately 1000 seeds.

White Campion Silene latifolia

Ideal for wildlife gardens, informal cottage gardens and flower beds and borders, this native perennial wildflower produces pretty white flowers which, at night, give out a scent which is attractive to feeding moths.

Commonly seen in fields, along hedgerows and roadsides, the delicate flowers of this low maintenance species will make a great addition to any wildflower garden.

Sow white campion in the spring from March to May, or in autumn from August to October.  It is suitable for a wide range of soil types.

All our native wildflower seed is sourced from stock grown in the wild in Britain.  It is then multiplied up commercially and packed in the UK so you can be confident you are buying native British wildflower seed.

Colour White
Height 30cm to 1 metre
Latin name Silene Alba
Season May-August
Setting Most fertile soils
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