Sweet Briar Rose Whips | Rosa rubiginosa

SKU: MAS-HDG18-10-Whips

Sweet Briar Rose Whips | Rosa rubiginosa

SKU: MAS-HDG18-10-Whips
  • Native British species
  • 2-year bareroot whips between 40 - 60cm tall.
  • Delivered mid-November through to early March
  • Free Establishment & Maintenance notes
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Sweet Briar Rose | Rosa rubiginosa

Common names include sweet briar and eglantine.

For a single row of hedging, you will need 4 plants per metre; for a double row of hedging, you will need 6 plants per metre. 

This is an attractive native shrub valued for the fragrance of its showy pink blossoms in June and July, and for the hops that develop after the flowers and persist well into the winter.  Rose hip tea is made from the hips of this plant and is rich in vitamin C.

Growing naturally across the country, sweet briar rose is a vigorous species with strong upright prickly stems.  It is smaller than the dog rose and less spreading in form.

Valuable to wildlife both for forage and for shelter, it grows well in a wide range of soils and conditions.  Sweet briar rose works well as a single species or as part of a mixed native hedgerow.

Our sweet briar rose whips are grown in the UK from UK origin seed.

Latin name Rosa rubiginosa
Season November - April
Setting Part Shade, Sun
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