Silver Birch Whips | Betula pendula

SKU: MAS-HDG08-10-Whips

Silver Birch Whips | Betula pendula

SKU: MAS-HDG08-10-Whips
  • Native British species
  • 2-yearbareroot whips between 60 - 80 cm tall.
  • Delivered mid-November through to early March
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Silver Birch | Betula pendula

A deciduous, medium-sized, tall, elegant tree with distinctive white bark and slender drooping branches, the silver birch is effective when planted in small groups or as a single specimen.  Its catkins are on display from spring to autumn.

Silver birches thrive in sandy and acidic well-drained soils but will grow in most conditions.  They provide food and habitat for more than 300 insect species and many birds. 

A fully grown silver birch tree measures 15 – 20 metres and will grow around 40cm per year.

Silver birches are tolerant to pollution making them suitable for planting in industrial areas.

Our silver birch whips are grown in the UK from UK origin seed.

Height 45-90cm
Latin name Betula pendula
Season November - April
Setting Dry, Partial Shade, Sun
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