Ragged Robin Wildflower Seed | Silene flos-cuculi

SKU: BS27-10

Ragged Robin Wildflower Seed | Silene flos-cuculi

SKU: BS27-10
✔Perennial species
✔Thrives in damp conditions
✔Great for pollinators
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Ragged Robin | Silene flos-cuculi

A delicately beautiful native British perennial, boasting charming pink flowers adorned with ragged petals.

Ragged Robin thrives in damp conditions such as wetland meadows alongside companions like meadow buttercup. Once a common sight along roadsides and in wet meadows and pastures across Britain, ragged Robin has sadly dwindled in numbers due to modern farming practices and wetland drainage.

This tough and reliable perennial is an ideal addition to any damp border, bog garden, pond edge, or wildflower meadow. Its adaptability makes it an excellent choice for various garden settings, ensuring it can flourish wherever it's planted.

All our native wildflower seed is sourced from stock grown in the wild in Britain.  It is then multiplied up commercially and packed in the UK so you can be confident you are buying native British wildflower seed.

Colour Pink
Height 10-60cm
Latin name Silene flos-cuculi
Season June-August
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