Oxeye Daisy Wildflower Seed | Leucanthemum vulgare

SKU: BS14-20

Oxeye Daisy Wildflower Seed | Leucanthemum vulgare

SKU: BS14-20
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Oxeye Daisy Leucanthemum vulgare

Common names include dog daisy or marguerite.

This cheerful perennial native wildflower is commonly seen growing in grasslands and wildflower meadows.  The largest native member of the daisy family, oxeye daisy's nectar and pollen-rich large, round flower heads are particularly attractive to bees, butterflies and moths and its seeds provide food for birds.  

Perfect for wildflower meadows, cottage gardens or wildlife gardens, this is one of the fastest growing perennial wildflower species and can dominate in year 2 of an establishing meadow.

Sow in spring from March to May, or in autumn from August to October.

Oxeye daisy grows best on well-drained soil in a sunny position, but it will tolerate partial shade.

All our native wildflower seed is sourced from stock grown in the wild in Britain.  It is then multiplied up commercially and packed in the UK so you can be confident you are buying native British wildflower seed.

Colour white/yellow
Height 20-80cm
Latin name Leucanthemum Vulgare
Season May-September
Setting Most soil types/ sun
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