Horse & Pony Grazing Paddock Seed Mix


Horse & Pony Grazing Paddock Seed Mix

✔ Quick-to-establish
✔ Contains herbs
✔ High-yielding, long-term grazing
1 Bag/12.6kg per acre (reseeding)
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Sow at 12.6 kilos per acre.

Ideal for establishing new high-yielding pastures, this grazing paddock seed mix contains perennial ryegrass which is a particularly productive and durable grass species. This well-balanced equine grazing mix provides quick-to-establish, nutrient-rich, consistent grazing for your horse and pony.

This traditional grazing mix contains timothy which adds to the palatability, smooth-stalked meadow grass and creeping red fescue which can help reduce poaching, and perennial forage herbs for a balanced diet.

Tet. Perennial ryegrass Orion 3.0kgs
Perennial ryegrass Innoval 3.0kgs
Perennial ryegrass Temprano  3.0kgs
Creeping red fescue Corail 1.0kgs
Chewing’s fescue Casanova 0.5kgs
Smooth stalk meadow grass Mercury 0.5kgs
Mixed herbs   0.5kgs
Timothy Climax  1.0kgs
TOTAL   12.5/ac

Mixed Herbs contain

Sheeps Parsley, Sheeps Burnet, Yarrow, Ribwort and Fenugreek

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