Horse-Friendly Hedging Mix

SKU: MAS-HDG03-50-whips

Horse-Friendly Hedging Mix

SKU: MAS-HDG03-50-whips
  • 8 horse-friendly native hedging species
  • 2-year bareroot whips between 45 - 90 cm tall.
  • Delivered mid-November through to early March
  • Free Establishment & Maintenance notes
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The bareroot whips supplied are 2-year whips and measure between 45cm and 90cm in height.

For a single row of hedging, you will need 4 plants per metre; for a double row of hedging, you will need 6 plants per metre.

Create a safe and biodiverse environment for your beloved horses with our horse-friendly hedging mix.  This specially curated blend of native hedging species is designed to provide a secure and attractive perimeter for your horse and pony companions.

These dense and resilient plants create an effective natural barrier keeping your horses safe while giving year-round beauty in the form of colourful foliage, blossoms and berries throughout the changing seasons.

Many of the species are palatable and offer a natural source of forage for your horses. 

Our Hedging Mix for Horses requires minimal maintenance; the plants are hardy and will thrive in various soil types and weather conditions.

By planting our Hedging Mix for Horse Paddocks, you’re creating a diverse ecosystem that attracts beneficial insects and wildlife. 

Season Winter, April - November
Setting Part Shade, Shade
Common Name %
Hawthorn 67%
Field Maple 10%
Dog Rose 4%
Dog Wood 4%
Wild Pear 4%
Sweet Briar Rose 3%
Hornbeam 4%
Hazel 4%
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