Grass Seed Mix For Goat Grazing Acre


Grass Seed Mix For Goat Grazing Acre

✔ Quick-to-establish
✔ Hard wearing
✔ Nutritious & palatable
✔ Contains herbs
Sow at 1 bag/13.1kg per acre
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Goats are selective grazers with discerning tastes.  Our grass seed mix for goat grazing includes grass species and herbs known for their palatability to goats, encouraging them to graze readily.  We’ve also selected varieties that grow at different times of the year, ensuring a consistent, year-round supply of nutritious forage.

Our seed mix for grazing goats is suitable for a wide range of soil types and conditions.  This adaptability guarantees that your pasture remains green and nutritious all year round.

Quick-to-establish and easy-to-maintain, our grazing seed mix for goats forms a robust  and long-lasting pasture capable of withstanding heavy grazing without sacrificing quality.

Our grass seed for grazing goats offers a range of advantages; goat-centric nutrition, adaptability and cost efficiency.  Choose our goat grazing grass seed mix to ensure the health and productivity of your goat herd while contributing to the long-term health of your pasture and environment.

The mixed herbs include; chicory, sheep’s burnet, sheep’s parsley, ribgrass, yarrow and sainfoin.

The picture is from Stour Valley Boer Goats three years after sowing the seed mix.

Tet Perennial ryegrass   3.5kgs
Perennial ryegrass   3.5kgs
Timothy   1.0kgs
Creeping red fescue   2.0kgs
Mixed herbs   0.5kgs
Lucerne   0.5kgs
Alsike clover   0.5kgs
Late Fl red clover   1.0kgs
White clover   0.5kgs
Wild white clover    0.1kgs
TOTAL   13.1/ac
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