Grass Seed For Sheep Grazing Acre


Grass Seed For Sheep Grazing Acre

✔ Quick-to-establish
✔ Hard wearing
✔ Good for silage & hay production
Sow at 1 bag/12.6kg per acre
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 Our carefully blended grass seed mix is designed with the nutritional needs of your sheep in mind.  It combines a variety of grass species, each contributing to a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients, producing a ley which can thrive for several years under hard grazing by sheep.

Our grass seed mix includes a combination of grass varieties that grow at different times of the year to ensure a continuous supply of high-quality forage, providing year-round grazing for your flock.  The high palatability of the mix promotes healthier, more contented sheep. 

The grass species are chosen not only for their benefit to your sheep, but also for their positive impact on soil health.  They help prevent soil erosion, promote microbial activity and contribute to the long-term viability of your grazing land.

Our grass seed mix for sheep offers a range of benefits; it is nutritionally well-balanced, sustainable and offers good value.  Ensure the health and well-being of your flock while also contributing to the long-term health of your pasture.

Species  Kilos
Species   %
Perennial ryegrass   4.0kgs
Perennial ryegrass   4.0kgs
Perennial ryegrass   4.0kgs
White clover   0.5kgs
Wild white clover    0.1kgs
TOTAL   12.6/ac
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