Grass Seed For Roadside Verges

SKU: AM14-10

Grass Seed For Roadside Verges

SKU: AM14-10
Thrives on poor soil
✔ Low maintenance
Reseeding: 40g per/m², Overseeding 20g per/m².
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Transform roadside verges into vibrant, low-maintenance and eco-friendly landscapes.  Carefully blended from resilient varieties to withstand the rigors of roadside environments, this grass mix will handle the challenges posed by traffic, pollution and varying soil conditions. 

Quick to germinate and requiring minimal upkeep, our Grass Seed Mix for Roadside Verges helps to prevent soil erosion and promotes stability along roadsides contributing to safer, more sustainable landscapes.

Species %
Amenity perennial ryegrass 25.0
Strong creeping red fescue 20.0
Smooth stalk meadow grass 10.0
Hard fescue 30.0
Browntop bent 10.0
White clover 5.0
TOTAL 100.0
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