Grass Seed For Hen Run

SKU: MAS-SP3a-2-Kilo-2

Grass Seed For Hen Run

SKU: MAS-SP3a-2-Kilo-2
✔ Quick-to-establish
✔ Hard wearing
Sow at 12.5kg per acre
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Created with the specific needs of hens in mind, our high-quality Grass Seed for Hen Runs is specially designed to create a lush and durable grass surface for your poultry enclosure. 

The carefully selected blend of grass varieties ensures a hardwearing and resilient surface, ideal for accommodating the natural activities of hens. Whether they are scratching, foraging, or simply enjoying their outdoor space, this grass seed mixture provides a supportive environment for your feathered friends.

We understand the importance of safety and health when it comes to your hens, which is why our Grass Seed for Hen Runs is free from harmful substances and pesticides. You can rest assured knowing that your hens will be grazing on a wholesome, chemical-free grass surface.

Covering one acre (or 2 Kilos covering 50m²), each pack of Grass Seed for Hen Runs provides ample coverage to create a spacious and inviting area for your poultry.

Invest in the health and happiness of your hens with our Grass Seed for Hen Runs. 

Perennial ryegrass Premium 3.0kgs
Perennial ryegrass Lasso 3.0kgs
Perennial ryegrass Choice 3.0kgs
Creeping red fescue Maxima 3.0kgs
White clover Alberta 0.5kgs
TOTAL 12.0/ac

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